Marc Zaransky

Marc Zaransky


IdeaMensch Interview

I grew up in a family-owned automotive and real estate business. Both have always been in my blood and passions of mine.

Maximize Each Day & Learn From Your Mistakes

I have always had the ambition and a passion for being an entrepreneur. My father ran his own auto business that he began in 1955, so I grew …

How Tesla Is Changing The Future Of Cars

Love it or hate it, Tesla is here to stay. The brand has become a household name and electric cars are no longer simply a novelty idea. 

How Covid-19 will change how people buy cars forever

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every industry in the United States, the auto industry being one of them.

Auto Manufacturers Making Ventilators To Help Out With COVID-19

The battle against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may have unlikely heroes: auto manufacturers.

The Future Of Transportation

No longer happy to stay on the fringes, autonomous and electric cars are edging toward the center of the mainstream auto market. 

How COVID-19 has Impacted the Auto Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic is producing many economic, political, and social disruptions, as major industries from finance to airlines have already felt the impact. The latest casualty: the U.S. auto industry.

How the Economy Will Restart and Impact Auto Sales in the Short-term

Although the U.S. has the highest death toll and case count for COVID-19 in the world, the country still remains confident about a turning point, encouraging more people to start thinking about how and when to restart economies.

The Future Of Transportation Is Autonomous And Electric Vehicles

No longer happy to stay on the fringes, autonomous and electric cars are edging toward the center of the mainstream auto market. No longer are self-driving cars just a part of a sci-fi movie or a dream to be realized in the distant future.

In a new article, Marc Zaransky discusses how COVID-19 has changed how people buy cars and how it may impact the future of automobile sales. As an automotive consultant with decades of experience in the industry, Marc Zaransky shares his predictions for how COVID-19 will impact the automobile industry and how it has already changed daily operations.

One undeniable benefit of the state closure last spring was the reduced traffic on the roads. More people were working from home and overall passenger vehicle traffic was significantly down. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, in mid-March, traffic in Illinois was half of what it was at the same time in 2019. If you were out and about, you likely appreciated this reprieve from bumper-to-bumper congestion.